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Once contacted, we will help and guide you through all the funeral arrangements. Deciding on which type of funeral service you would like for your loved one is an important decision for you to make, which is why we are here to ensure your wishes are fulfilled from start to finish.

Funeral arrangements can be made in the privacy of your own home or at our funeral home, Bretford. We have created our funeral homes to provide a warm, homely and relaxed environment. Free client parking is available.

When you have made your choices we will give you a written estimate of the cost. If, at this stage, you would like to change anything we will help you do this. Any changes you make may affect the cost of the funeral.

The cost of the funeral is made up of the following:

Professional Services

Our professional services for burial or cremation will include: arranging the funeral in our office or at your home (by appointment), handling all the relevant documentation, liaising with – and organising – third parties on your behalf.

  • Removal and bringing of the deceased into our care within a 25-mile radius.
  • Provision of hearse and necessary personnel to allow the funeral to take place.
  • Provision of the staff that will care, prepare and dress your loved one.
  • The cost of the coffin/casket/urn.
  • Additional charges such as limousine(s) or other specialised vehicle(s).


Disbursements are the fees that we pay on your behalf to all third-party providers such as, i.e. Doctor’s Fees where appropriate, Crematorium/Cemetery fees, Ministers, Florists etc. Our estimate will detail the approximate cost of any disbursements; however, you will appreciate that we will have no direct control over these charges, and they could therefore be subject to a slight variation.

The costs of a funeral are defined as a debt against the estate so you may be able to arrange for the funeral to be paid by the estate rather than paying this amount yourself.

We will give you a courtesy call before the funeral to confirm all the details and answer any final questions that you may have. However, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time should you need assistance.

You can be assured that we will take care of everything on the day of the funeral. We will make sure that the funeral proceeds on time, in a proper and dignified manner, legally and with respect for religious and local custom and in accordance with your expectations.

Paying for the funeral

You will receive your invoice 7 days after the funeral. If there is any part of the invoice you do not understand or agree with, please contact our funeral home who will be happy to help.

If you wish the invoice to be referred to a solicitor, please advise us as soon as possible to ensure that this information is added to our records. However, you remain responsible for the account being paid in accordance with our terms and conditions.

Meeting the costs

If you think you cannot meet the costs of the funeral, you should discuss this with us at the time of arrangement. We have information on who may be eligible for the Social Fund and how to make a claim.

Payment can only be authorised by the Department of Social Security (DWP) who will also decide the amount of payment. If you do not qualify for payment, we may be able to advise on other forms of assistance.

Please remember that you are personally liable for any amount in excess of the agreed payment by the Department of Social Security (DWP), or indeed the whole invoice amount if a payment is not received.

Click here to read more from the DWP.

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